ritual and celebration burning

Small sprays of twigs and leaves place on a fire is said to protect a home or gathering around the fire from the intrusion of spirits that may bring melancholy and even anger.

wands and staves

Holly makes excellent sturdy staves but the mythology of these seems to be very vague. I have heard stories of them being able to fend off the Bean Sidhe if she comes to try and take us to the otherworld. Another is that they distract lightning, though Holly leaves attract lightning so make sure none are on your stave or staff.

Wands of Holly are not used much though I have heard some voodoo type healers use them to chant away depression and melancholy.


As a child, before I went to bed, around midwinter, I was invited to throw a sprig of holly, usually without berries, onto the fire and make a wish.

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